The Sparkling Cyclop – Season 2022

For exactly ten years, Le Cyclop Association has opened the site to contemporary creation. The impressive force of Le Cyclop and its structure provide or impose a certain number of artistic guidelines. The role of the Association is to accompany artists in the creation of artworks around four main axes linked to its history: joint creation; the correlation between music and the visual arts; performance, and nature, which is of course, the setting of this remarkable work. Le Cyclop has become a place of regular meetings and exchanges between the public and guest artists.


Dust and Spores on a dancer’s Cloths

Performance / Sunday, 22 May 2022 at 11am & 3pm
Four dancers, dressed in white, perform a choreography, where the primary intention is to smear their clothes with earth and forest plants. This performance reminds us that nature cannot be understood without recognizing that the air, human beings, micro-organisms, the soil, minerals, and machines are more inseparable than ever.


L’appel de la nuit (The Call of the Night)

Light installation from 22 May to 6 November 2022
Caty Olive has created a light installation for Le Cyclop, which is activated at dusk on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Providing a soft, luminous, and ephemeral transition between day and night, this installation reveals all the beauty of the metal and subtle assemblies designed by Jean Tinguely and Seppi Imhof, reminiscent of a kind of metallic lace. It also highlights the graphic layout of Niki de Saint Phalle’s mosaic.


Juste avant le point de rupture  (Just before breaking point)

Exhibition 18 June to 6 November 2022 – Opening Saturday, 18 June 2022 at 8:30pm
Two artists, Jennifer Caubet and Thomas Teurlai, who work, amongst other things, on installation and volume, are presented as an aloof duo, both in terms of form and the occupied space. Their shared interests merge in moments of tension and breaking points, which both develop in their respective installations.


Sang Corrompu (Corrupted blood)

Performance Saturday, 15 October 2022 at 8:30pm
Offsite at Hans-Walter Müller's residenceat Cerny Aerodrome (Essonne).

Éric Giraudet de Boudemange, the artist-in-residence for 2021 at Le Cyclop, is invited to showcase the fruit of his work, entitled Sang Corrompu. It is a poetic and philosophical reflection on the post-truth era, expressed by glass puppets manipulated by both breath and fluids.

From 22 May to 6 November 2022

Video programme – Guest curator: Jean-Baptiste Delorme – Heritage Curator at the Cnap.

In collaboration with the Conservatoire national des plantes aromatiques, médicinales et à parfum*, Le Cyclop Association is launching an artist’s residency programme in the autumn of 2022 to explore our relationship to the environment, plants, and living creatures.

*National Conservatory of Aromatic, Medicinal, and Fragrant Plants